5 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Okay, you’ve got your online business up and running and now you’re ready to go VIRAL! In order to get everyone on the internet talking about your business and everything that you have to offer, you have to meet them where they are. The truth is that your customer base is likely not going to happen upon your website. You have to (shamelessly) self-promote and let everyone know that you’ve carved out a space for yourself on the world wide web and you’re here to stay!

The toughest thing about promoting a business is that it can be quite expensive. Don’t worry! We want to share with you the tips and tricks you need to promote your business online for next to nothing.

1. Email Marketing

It’s not secret at this point that we LOVE email marketing. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to get the word out to your clients and you can always keep your email campaigns fresh and exciting. Really, the only cost that you’ll have to incur is what your email service charges to distribute the messages to your mailing list.

You can gather emails for your mailing list by giving away freebies or coupons in exchange for their email address. We’ve got some really great ideas for building your email list fast in this FREE eGuide

Once you’ve got their email address, you can continue to send them special offers, information about your products, or just fun messages to build a relationship with your following! Don’t bombard them with too many messages though! There’s a fine line between communicative and annoying.

2. Content Creation

One of the most crucial aspects of carving out space for yourself on the internet is content creation. The more content you produce, the larger your space is! 

  • Have a blog page on your website and post regularly. Keep content fresh, relevant and exciting.


  • Utilize social media – promote your blog entries, show off your awesome products, give people “behind the scenes” tours.


  • Host giveaways and post them on social media, your blog, and through your email marketing campaigns. Giveaways are a HUGE way to get more subscribers and create loyal customers.


3. Join Group Discussions

Every successful person knows that it takes a village to accomplish anything. In the age of the internet, you can create your own village with people from all over the world! Your village might be living in a Facebook group or discussion forum and they’ve been waiting for a person like you to join them!

You won’t want to exactly promote your business and products in the traditional sense – that could turn people off if they think you’re just there to sell stuff. Instead, be a part of the conversation and offer the knowledge you have about your industry and build trust within your village. They’ll come to you when they’re ready.

4. Create a ‘Google My Business’ account

Creating a Google My Business account literally put your business on the map – Google Maps that is. You can promote your business online through Google My Business in three major ways:

  • Your business will come right up when someone searches for you with a map location and all of your contact info


  • Google My Business helps with Google search ranking – when people search for what you have to offer, you’re more likely to be on the first page of results


  • Customers have a way to leave your reviews and rank your services


5. Ask for Reviews

A 2019 report on brand trust showed that three quarters of people trust reviews more than they trust advertising. Reviews, for the most part, are an unbiased way for people to speak to your brand, the products that you offer, and the service they received.  In addition, the Spiegel Research Center found that potential sales increase by 270% after a product gets just 5 reviews.

  • Have a spot on your website for people to leave a review


  • Utilize your email service and ask someone who recently purchased something to leave a review (perhaps offer a coupon as an incentive)


  • Display positive testimonials on your landing page

They say that a business is only as strong as it’s customer base. Utilize these 5 low-cost ways to promote your business online so you can start growing your business to brand new heights! If you’ve used any of these tactics, or have ones that you employ in your marketing strategy, please share them! Drop us an email or tag us on social media @WeAreCandescent

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