5 Ways to Win Back Email Subscribers

We’ve all been there… that moment where we’ve finally had enough of a certain company’s email, so we finally scroll to the bottom of their most recent one and hit that “unsubscribe” button. As a business owner, you know that there’s hardly any thought that’s more unbearable than that. The solution – have a plan to re-engage your email subscribers to remind them why they signed up in the first place.

We might talk about email marketing… a lot. But that’s only because we know that it really WORKS if you’ve got all the right tactics and know how to use them. In fact, we love email marketing so much that we’re giving away a FREE eGuide in which we share some of our fav tips so you can become the pro that we know you can be.

In the meantime, let’s look at a few different ways you can re-engage email subscribers and turn them into customers once again.

1. Use the win-back email sequence

This 3-step email sequence will help to remind customers why they signed up for your emails in the first place. It’s touted that 45% of subscribers that open one of these emails will actually open an email they get from you in the future! Send your 3 win-back emails in this order:

Step 1  – The reminder email. Grab inactive email subscribers’ attention with an initial win-back email that takes action in two ways:

  • Say hello! Sometimes all an inactive subscriber might need is a little nudge to remind them that they’re a part of something awesome.
  • Show your value. Offer them an incentive to stay. A coupon or free download might be all it takes to create your next loyal customer.

Step 2  –  Open communication. Good relationships are all about communication – give and take! 

  • Ask for feedback.  In today’s day and age, people love to give commentary. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to feedback because, in the end, it can only make you better! You could offer an incentive for leaving a review in this email, too.
  • Offer to let them go. Give them this last chance to interact with your store by using a coupon or leaving a review. Inform them that if they deny this email, you’ll be parting ways.

Step 3  –  K, bye for now! Let them know you’ve officially unsubscribed them because you don’t want to waste their time or inbox space. Make sure you leave them a re-subscribe option just in case they don’t want to let you go yet!

2. Keep your subject lines interesting

The fact of the matter is that people view redundant emails as spam – even if they aren’t. You’ve only got a few seconds to capture someone’s attention on the internet so it’s important to keep things interesting. Re-capture email subscriber’s attention by making each email new, interesting and exciting.

3. Try segmenting your subscribers

Even the most specific of niches have customers that are vastly different from one another. The hard truth is that your current email campaign might not be appealing to all of your customers. Luckily, you can use customer data to better tailor your email campaigns by customer type, buying habits or whatever sets your customers apart from each other.

4. Send emails at optimal times

If you’re wondering how to get email subscribers back, it might be as simple as adjusting the time that you send your emails out. According to experts, emails are most frequently opened on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Emails have the highest click-through rates on Thursdays and Fridays. SO, the day(s) that you send out emails will largely depend on what your goals are. If you are sending out emails that you want people to simply open and read, send them out on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If you want your subscribers to take action on the email you send out, send it on Thursdays or Fridays!

5. Humbly ask them to come back to you

There’s no shame in telling your subscribers that you miss them! If you’re looking to re-engage an email subscriber, it might just take a simple gesture from you – and maybe an adorable picture of a sad kitten… or something. Just let your subscriber know that your shop isn’t the same without them but try not to come off as desperate! Make the re-engagement email about what they mean to your business, not the other way around.

Here at CANDESCENT, we are confident that we can break through the cluttered email inbox and create campaigns that promote action and result in sales. We know that we can’t do it alone, though! What are your killer re-engagement strategies? We’d love to hear about them so please tag us on socials @WeAreCandescent or contact us here with your tips!

Photo Credit: Adam Solomon
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