Isabelle Osborne

How to Combat Toxic Productivity

Productivity has taken on a new name in recent years. Rather than simply completing a task or fulfilling a goal, being ‘productive’ means working ourselves into the ground until we’re exhausted and constantly adding new things onto our to-do lists to achieve satisfaction, only to repeat the same cycle tomorrow, the day after, and the day after.

How to improve your work-life balance as a business owner

As a business owner, you pour your heart and soul into what you are creating so you can build a flourishing business.

But when the workload increases and you feel as though the future of the business rests in your hands, it can be very easy to switch into ‘work-only’ mode. This means forgetting about yourself and focusing only on the success of your business.

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Business

Are you a business owner looking for ways to grow your network and increase sales of your products/services? Look no further, this blog has everything you need to embellish your marketing strategy using email marketing with the aim of promoting your business to a bigger and, most importantly, a targeted audience!