Katie Leitch

How Your Self-care Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

On social media, there are two kinds of people, the people who say “sleep is for the weak”, who wake up at 4 am and are working non-stop 7 days a week. The other kind are the people who preach self-care in the form of daily bubble baths, face masks, and dropping everything to relax.

Upsell Via Email Marketing To Make MORE Money

As a small business owner or freelancer, it’s important to maximize your streams of income. If there is a way (and there is) to make more money that takes minimal effort then it’s a waste of money to not take advantage of the opportunity.

Boreout vs Burnout – Everything You Need to Know

Everyone loves trying to be their most productive self. Especially if you’re running a small business then you want to be on top of your productivity. It’s such a great feeling finishing the day having completed loads of tasks and checking off all of your to-dos.
That is why your email marketing strategy is not complete without an abandoned cart workflow.

Email Marketing Mistakes
You Could Be Making

We LOVE email marketing and think that all small business owners need effective email marketing campaigns and strategies. The keyword there being effective, if they aren’t effective then you won’t be able to reap the many benefits.

How To Put Your Business On Autopilot

It’s a nice idea to think that you can cruise at 36,000 feet, seat reclined – preferably in business or first class – sipping on your complimentary champagne, focusing solely on your destination and not having to worry much about how to get there.