7 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business

You’ve got a great photography business on your hands – the world deserves to see how amazing it is! Since we’re huge fans of professional photography (and industry vets!) we thought we would bring you a few ways to grow your photography business online.

What is Email Workflow and Why You Need It To Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered how a business is able to send an email instantly after you’ve hit subscribe? Is it because they’re sitting at their laptop 24/7? Nope, it’s not! There’s a much more time-efficient solution known as Email Workflow that all successful businesses use

#BlackGirlMagic Meets Business

Here at CANDESCENT, we are celebrating all women, all month, all year because we believe that’s the way women should be celebrated. So, as a follow up to our ‘Why Women of Colour Are Choosing Entrepreneurship’ article, we’ve decided to draw our attention to the female & black-owned businesses

8 Podcasts By Women You NEED to Listen to

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? We do too! There’s a huge variety out there on all sorts of topics including business, technology, comedy, health and social media to name just a few

How To Network With Intention

What is networking? Is the goal to make friends or to learn from competitors, or both? If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and these questions have been circling your head, you’re not alone!