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Attention Business Owners! 

Looking to grow your business? Feeling unorganised

but find scheduling frustrating? Struggling with brand

identity but design isn’t your forte?  

These are all crucial things to get right if you want to see your brand thrive which is why you NEED the best online tools in the market!

We’ve got a list of the best tools YOU need to truly invest in your business and see results, including GetResponse for automation, Interact and Optimonster to help you grow your email list, Canva for design, Teachery to help you generate money quickly and easily + lots more!

We at CANDESCENT LOVE Active Campaign! If you’re looking to automate your marketing and create customizable pages (and are not particularly tech-savvy…) Active Campaign is the answer! The user-friendly tool will grow your audience rapidly, boost your sales and get people excited about your brand!

Introducing CANDESCENT’s very own Graphic Designer! Canva is the perfect tool to create a consistent image across all your social media platforms! With thousands of FREE templates and an easy-to-use interface, Canva is a life-saver for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to revamp their brand!

Are you looking to generate leads but are not quite sure where to start? If the answer is YES you NEED Interact! A quiz generator with an unlimited range of questions to gain valuable information and tailor your business based on your audience’s answers! Interact includes over 800 pre-made templates including scored quizzes, personality quizzes and multiple choice, with the option to add images to really engage with your audience!

Are you looking to build, launch and sell your own online course? If the answer is YES then Teachery is for you! An online course platform that’s easy to use, has an unlimited amount of courses AND is inexpensive with no sneaky additional fees to worry about!

Are you a business owner who loves the creative side of your business but finds planning and scheduling boring? Streamlining your business is crucial but difficult to achieve which is why we LOVE Planoly! The all-in-one tool allows you to schedule all of your content on every platform with ease, create content and embed a shoppable gallery to sell physical and digital products! 

Without reaching the right customers, your business will stagnate. Growing leads, boosting sales and increasing subscribers are the key goals for every business which is where OptinMonster comes in! A simplified and powerful tool that quickly and easily increases conversions and generates money! Start at just $9 a month to get unlimited campaigns, page level targeting, list segmentation + more! 

Social media strategization can be a tough one, right? It doesn’t have to be, though, as Tailwind is here to take away the stress and boost your online engagement!  They can transform your photos into designs that are optimized for Instagram and Facebook, help you reach more accounts using niche, relevant hashtags with their Hashtag Finder, and analyse which times your audience is most engaged with SmartSchedule. 

To see results, your business needs to rank highly on Google. This is where Brightlocal comes into the picture – it can help you climb rankings so you’re growing your reputation and making your presence known in local search, all in a stress-free way! You can also monitor all your marketing data in one place, and audit your online presence in no time at all using Brightlocal.

Want to make SEO-optimization an easy, quick and simple process? Keysearch is the place to go! You can use the platform to research the most relevant and high-ranking keywords to add to your website copy. If that isn’t enough, you can also analyse what your competition is up to so you beat them to the top of Google searches. Increase traffic to your website with Keysearch now!

If you’re looking to build results-guaranteed funnels and high-converting pages, Thrivecart is for you! It can help you grow your income through existing traffic, using real time metrics and business insights to increase your revenue and reduce refunds.