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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Why is email so effective? It’s personalised, customizable and builds strong customer relationships. Download our FREE eGuide to learn 5 easy tricks to build your email list and rapidly grow your business!

How to Come Up on Top of Google Searches

Not sure what SEO is and how it can benefit your business? Want to appear in the top Google searches, give your business a strong presence AND increase organic traffic through wider reach? Join our FREE Webinar with SEO expert Jessica Thomas!


52 email subject lines (and content ideas) adaptable to all businesses

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone? In this Cheat Sheet, you will get 50+ subject line ideas along with 3 template emails to kick-start your email list and see results instantly! 


In partnership with Shutterhub

We are so excited to announce our partnership with the sensational Shutterhub! Join our masterclass for photographers where you will learn from experts providing fantastic advice, support and networking opportunities! This not-to-be-missed masterclass is coming soon so be sure to check back on our website!


I joined the webinar on email marketing and it literally changed the way I do my marketing. Now I dedicate time and energy building my mailing list, nurturing my audience and tailor the content to their needs. I've already made sales through my email campaigns. Thank you Candescent Women for this amazing workshop!

Auda Sakho

Fashion Designer & Founder, Redress Laboratory
London, UK

I had been struggling to attract new customers until I read Candescent’s guide ‘5 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List’. Now I’m adding new subscribers to my email list every day! The guide is easy to use and I’ve learnt so much about the benefits of growing an email list and how to do it. I’m really enjoying the process of implementing these new strategies into my email marketing!

Caroline Chinakwe

Artist & Founder, Chinakwe
London, UK

As an artist and a print designer, I had no understanding when it came to marketing my creative business and I started to feel overwhelmed. A friend suggested I download Candescent’s pdf recommending their favourite business tools to help automate my business. It really helped me streamline my business! It’s no surprise I’m feeling less stressed and have more free time to spend with my family!

Celeste Hampton

Artist, Print Designer & Founder, CelesteHampton.com
London, UK

My business is particularly fast-paced, which leaves little time to learn how to do efficient marketing. I used to struggle to find new clients. Pitching to potential prospects individually used to be time consuming and didn't convert much. This guide has taught me some simple tricks to grow my mailing list.
Thank you to the Candescent Women Team!

Estelle Barth

Business Owner, Strega Provisions
New York City, USA

Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on our business. I was desperate for advice to help us reach more customers urgently. We've followed Candescent Women tips to adjust our marketing strategy and grow our database. We're already starting to see results!!! In the past two weeks we've had an increase of bookings from new customers

Monica Occini

Co-founder, STECCA
London, UK




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