Is Clubhouse Worth Downloading?

Have you heard about Clubhouse? It’s certainly been a conversation starter on social media so we thought we’d share our insight on what we’ve learnt about the app so far and whether it’ll truly help you connect with other women, have your voice heard and help boost your business ventures!

First of all, what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-exclusive app that allows you to join Rooms but, unlike a one-way podcast, you have the option to participate in the conversation. If you want to ask a question or add a comment for example, you can click the little ‘raise your hand’ button and join in. Whether it’s a chat about business, mental health, politics or creativity, there’s a Room for every topic. 

As women business owners and entrepreneurs, you might be thinking, how will this help me? Here’s an insight from Julia McCoy:

“As an entrepreneur myself (owner of a writing agency and an educational brand), I’ve found it incredibly valuable — and I’ve only been on Clubhouse for four days as of writing this, but I’ve spent more than seven hours already listening in and talking.”

Still not sure whether it’s the right thing for your business? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide…


It’s a networking haven

Clubhouse is the ideal place to build authentic and genuine relationships since it’s voice-only. Joining a Room and sparking a conversation is a great way to be visible on the platform. Plus, by sharing your social media handles, you can drop people a message afterwards to continue the conversation and build a stronger connection. 

Everyone has a voice

Whether you have 200 followers or 20,000 followers, anyone can host a Room and share their ideas. If that’s too daunting, consider collaborating with another business owner to bounce ideas back and forth. It can be so much easier for your personality to shine on Clubhouse compared to an Instagram grid. 

Plus, whatever new and exciting changes you’re introducing to your brand, Clubhouse can help promote it. Are you launching a new product or branching into a more sustainable approach? Starting even just a 20 minute Room discussion sharing a new idea and showing your audience what you offer will really help you build an engaged community. 


Conversations are only temporarily available

Conversations disappear as soon as they’re over which often means that you miss out on potential connections by forgetting to follow them on the app. Plus, having to constantly jot down the ideas being discussed can be stressful and stop you from enjoying and engaging in discussions.

Accessibility is limited

As of right now, the app is only available for Apple users and is invite-only. This can create a barrier for many people. It is also inaccessible for those who are deaf/hard of hearing.  So what happens if the majority of your audience is on Clubhouse but you’re not, or vice versa? A social app that’s only available for certain groups of people can negatively impact your brand’s reach. 

What do you think of Clubhouse? Do you already have it? We have an account but haven’t hosted a discussion on there yet; it’s definitely something we’re considering delving into in the coming weeks though! 

Be sure to share your thoughts with us on social media: @WeAreCandescent.



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