New Year’s Resolutions Vs Smaller Weekly Goals?

With 2020 being a rollercoaster, wanting to kick off the New Year with exciting goals to focus on is understandable. Another year, another boost of motivation to dream big, right?

Maybe your resolution this year is to grow your followers on Instagram, or finally start that podcast. They’re big ambitions to have but extremely difficult to achieve. Why? Without an actionable starting point, big goals can turn into scary and intimidating goals, resulting in giving up 2 weeks into January.

So, what will be the key to your success in 2021?            

Turn goals into habits.

Let’s take the example of growing your followers. You can keep telling yourself you want to gain 10k by the end of the year but what can you do every day to make that dream a reality?

Set yourself the challenge of reaching out to a fellow business owner every week, or signing up to a marketing course. Get into the habit of commenting and sharing more or taking an hour every day to learn the ins and outs of the app will help you achieve your goals in smaller, less overwhelming chunks.

Ask yourself at the end of every day or week, what have you done to get closer to your goals?

Reflecting at the end of the year is important but it’s even more crucial to see where you are with your goals on a smaller scale. Check in with yourself and write down what you’ve been doing, what’s working and what isn’t. This doesn’t have to be every day, do what works best for you.

For example, if your goal is to build a website for your business, look back on your week or month and see how many hours you spent researching. If it’s not as often as you hoped, what can you change? For example, try a different method of research, like tutorials on YouTube or listening to a podcast from a website developer. Only after reflecting will you be able to implement these new routines and habits into your day.

Use social media in a smart way.

The year can start off great. You can be scrolling Instagram and Facebook and seeing people making a start on their goals. However when the mid-year slump hits and you notice people achieving milestones already, it can negatively impact your mental health. Imposter syndrome is cruel and can be difficult to bounce back from.

When you feel the self-doubt and comparisons creeping in, hit pause. Delete Instagram, mute certain accounts or words, have a digital detox. If your job relies on social media, don’t fret. There are other ways to be productive. For example, you could read a book on the topic you’re currently researching for a project. The internet will still be there and when you do decide to come back, you’ll feel refreshed with a new perspective on your work and your goals.

Right environment = right mindset.

In order to reach your full potential this year, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want. Studies have shown that working in a cluttered room can be distracting and force our brains to work slower. If you’re looking around right now and seeing a mess, this tip is for you.

Try tidying your room the night before so you don’t have to worry about it the next day. This links back to the first point about habits; if you make ‘do my bed’ an integral part of your morning routine, you’re already setting the right tone for the rest of the day (and the rest of the year!)

What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions compared to weekly goals? Is there one that is more beneficial for business, or for your mental health? Let us know by tagging us on social media @WeAreCandescent, we always love hearing from you!


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