What is Email Workflow and Why You Need It To Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered how a business is able to send an email instantly after you’ve hit subscribe? Is it because they’re sitting at their laptop 24/7? Nope, it’s not! There’s a much more time-efficient solution known as Email Workflow that all successful businesses use.

In a nutshell, Email Workflow is a series of automated emails sent out depending on triggers that customers click. 

For example, if you’re a business owner selling clothes, you might send an automated email with more blouses you recommend to everyone who bought a blouse a few days ago. It’s something they’re interested in and, if they liked your product the first time, they’ll happily purchase again. 

Another example is if you’re a beautician and someone books a facial. Your scheduled email sequence can start with the benefits of a facial followed by an exclusive discount.

Remember that sending an automated email at the right time reminds them of the value you offer. 

There are lots of email automation sequences to consider implementing into your marketing strategy: 


Welcome Emails  

As soon as a customer hits subscribe, this is what they’ll see in their inbox. It’s just a quick ‘hello and thank you for subscribing’ message that offers a personal and inviting touch.

Onboarding Emails 

This is the email that entices your subscribers, offering a sneak peek into your company mission and what you offer.

Abandoned Cart Emails 

You’ve already got them hooked, now you just need to seal the deal. Sending out a reminder that they were about to make a purchase is a great way to gently nudge them to complete the sale.

Repeat Customer Emails 

It’s important to gain new customers but it’s even more crucial to nurture the ones you already have. The repeat customer email sequence does exactly that. Ask them for a review on how they found their experience or recommend them similar products to the one they already purchased to keep them coming back.

Re-engagement Emails 

Noticed that subscribers haven’t engaged with your business for a few months? Win them back with your re-engagement sequence to remind them of the value you offer.

You might be wondering, do I really need to implement Email Workflow Automation? What are the benefits? 


It’s time-efficient 

All that time you would be spending on sending out individual emails when someone subscribed or bought something can now be spent on getting creative and doing the elements of your business that you’re passionate about. It cuts out a tedious and repetitive task (that no one wants to do) in a worry-free way. Once it’s all automated, it’s out of sight and out of mind, resulting in a much more streamlined workflow. 

It pushes leads quicker through your marketing and sales funnel

A sales funnel is the process from A to B, A being when the customer is first interested and B when they have confirmed the sale. When your emails are automated and your workflow is time-efficient, this process is achieved much quicker. The ease in which your customer can purchase from you will also turn them into satisfied, and therefore loyal, customers. It’s a win-win.

You can make it personalized and tailored to individual customers

People like to be acknowledged, appreciated and understood. Your automated email sequence will do just that. Using email segmentation, you can address subscribers using their name and build a more personal connection. You can also automate an email recommending similar products to the one they recently bought, making customers feel catered for. Nurturing your subscribers in this way builds an engaged, long term audience which, in turn, will elevate your brand’s reputation.

It keeps existing customers interested

Remember the ‘repeat customers’ and ‘re-engagement’ email sequences we talked about? This is the time to put them into action. If you don’t remind subscribers of the value you can offer them, they will simply forget and stop engaging, or may even unsubscribe. You could ask them to fill out a review for a product they bought or win them back with a ‘let’s catch up’ email for a more candid touch. Remember that customers who already had a great experience with your business will happily return, they might just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

It’s a great tool for market research 

Market research can seem long and boring which is why email automation is perfect! Why? You don’t really have to do much! Tracking your email analytics is super easy. For example, how many clicks each email got will tell you which subject lines work best; if people stop clicking the triggers and following through with the email sequence, you’ll know at which point they lost interest. Use this data to perfect your email workflow and build a sequence that is guaranteed results. 


Do you struggle with email workflow? Do you think it would benefit your business? Let us know your thoughts over on our social media! @WeAreCandescent 

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