Why Creatives Should use Linkedin to Promote Their Business

When you think of LinkedIn, you probably think of a networking platform that is rarely used except by those who are looking to climb the corporate ladder. We’re here to shock you by saying that view couldn’t be more incorrect!

Are you ready for this? LinkedIn is actually 277% MORE effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter! Expert marketers agree: if you aren’t on LinkedIn promoting your business and snagging new clients, you’re seriously missing out. 

The numbers speak for themselves! LinkedIn:

  • Is the #1 social media channel for distributing content
  • Drives the most traffic to business to business (B2B) blogs and websites
  • Is the most effective for B2B lead generation
  • Is regarded by executives to have high value in their marketing campaigns, over sites like Facebook and online news sites

LinkedIn for Creatives

As members of the artistic community, creatives might think that their audience isn’t on LinkedIn – that the platform is reserved for corporate executives and recent college grads looking to establish a professional network and apply for jobs. 

While that is true, there are so many other people on LinkedIn that just may be looking for exactly what YOU are offering!

LinkedIn is where all of the decision-makers from marketing, advertising, and branding hang out. You can bet your bottom dollar that these people are checking LinkedIn on a regular basis to both market their own company and look for people to recruit. These decision-makers are the same people who are scouring the internet looking to commission photographers, makeup artists, stylists for photoshoots, videographers for campaigns, graphic designers to help with their marketing campaigns etc.

It’s no wonder why LinkedIn’s user count has doubled in recent years! Everyone is noticing the incredible benefits it can have on their business… so, what are you waiting for?

How to create an impressive LinkedIn profile

Just with any social media platform, appearances are everything. Right off the bat, you need to have a profile that grabs the attention of prospective clients and recruiters. 

Here are the basics to help you set up a captivating LinkedIn profile:

  • Use keywords when filling out your headline and be as specific as possible. For example, rather than “photographer” you might put “freelance brand photographer in Southern Florida”

  • Fill out your profile until it is 100% complete. LinkedIn’s algorithms prefer complete profiles

  • Have a headshot that is professional but shows off your personality

  • In your summary, give viewers an in-depth look into who you are as a photographer. Explain your interests, strengths, and achievements, while putting your career choices into context. 

Take Advantage of These Key Features on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than a way to showcase your skills and build a professional network. It has tons of extra features to boost your presence so that each user can get the most out of their LinkedIn experience – yep, even creatives!

  • The Company Page – create a separate (but linked) profile just for your photography business

  • Posts – individual posts have a character limit of 1,300. This is where you might make announcements or weigh in on a hot topic in your community

  • Articles – these are just like blog posts, but less personal and more professional. Dive deep into a topic of relevance and show the LinkedIn world that you’re an expert in your field.


Over to you now, go and optimize your LinkedIn profile and start growing your network and make more sales!

We would love to see your successful LinkedIn profiles once you get them all set up! Tag us on social media @WeAreCandescent or drop us a link in our inbox. You know how much we love emails over here!

Image Credit: Content Pixie


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